asapphireheart: (First meeting)
2010-10-25 04:26 pm
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asapphireheart: (Is this the last I'll see of home?)
2010-10-24 11:59 pm
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Can Aqua sense your characters light/darkness?
[Yes/No, anything else?]

Can she flirt with your character? [Slim chances she would flirt EVER but you never know.]
--- Can she kiss or hug your character if she ever does flirt? [Self-explanatory.]

Listen in on your public conversations? [Info, get~]
--- Mention things from their conversations with others? [Self-explanatory.]

Keyblade Wielders

Would you train with Aqua?

Would you accept her help in training?

Would you allow her to give you a Mark of Mastery exam?


What shouldn't I mention from BBS?

Wanna plot anything?